The residue of what has passed remains on our skin, deep in our pores, etching its way into the core of our being…

"This is not comfortable escapist theatre… This work is gripping and moving, and pulls you into its orbit." – R Ridgway XS Entertainment

The Paratrooper Project thrusts our historical conflicts into the firing line alongside current political regimes to examine who we are and what we will become. The Paratrooper Project is a unique experience, told through dance theatre installation. The audience is invited into an immersive space that falls and shifts as the artists manipulate the fabric of time.

Enter the trenches of our past and present conflicts. Survey our heritage. Contest our imagined memories. Explore how the past has divided our present generations. Question what this might mean for our future.

Co-Created and Performed by: Margi-Brown Ash, Gareth Belling, Gabriel Comerford and Nerida Matthaei
Costume and Set Design: Nerida Matthaei and Libby Macdonald
Lighting Design: Ben Hughes
Sound Design: Andrew Milz
Production Coordinator: Keith Clarke