I am Mort. I feel nothing... heavy. I have crevices filled with stories that remain hidden, even to myself. My eyes are grown over with shadows. I am all consuming, it is time to shed. I look back.

Mort is a new dance-theatre work bringing together Brisbane’s heavy hitters in award-winning interdisciplinary performance. Nerida Matthaei, Craig Wilkinson, Sean Dowling and the artists of Phluxus2 Dance Collective draw from the disciplines of dance, theatre and visual art to explore a rich narrative inspired by modern day consumption, epigenetics, global crisis and succession. Together, they working to interweave their creative languages into a fantasy world where the human condition is critiqued, and the boundaries of perception are tested. Taking initial inspiration from the Irish folktale Teig O’Kane and the Corpse (translated by Douglas Hyde, 1921) Mort uses contemporary performance to dig into our darkest days looking to induce long-awaited awareness.

Choreography and Direction: Dr Nerida Matthaei
Co-Creators: Craig Wilkinson and Sean Dowling
Performers: Charles Ball, Hsin-Ju Ely, Lauren Graham, Lauren Sherlock and Chiu-Ju Wang
Costume Design: Nerida Matthaei, Sean Dowling and Rozina Suliman

A creative development showing was presented in 2020 Supercell Dance Festival. A second stage development supported by Arts Queensland is planned for 2020/21.

I feel the end on my finger tips… there is a corpse on my back. It speaks, it burns, it is swollen. My surroundings no longer appear familiar. I am underwater… I look up.