Boiling Point pushes both the dancers and the audience to 100 degrees.

Enter the space. Dark and dingy. Who is the viewer and are you being viewed? You’re given a small hint of security and it’s up to you to find your way out…

Inspired by the house-wife murderesses of the 50s this work pulls you in, pours you a tea, lulls you into a warm sense of security, and then, switches the lights off. Crawling the walls and drowning themselves, these damsels should not be trusted.

"Boiling Point develops a unique energy entirely of its own – poised between twisted humour, desperate pathos and near-paralysing dread as the work’s three performers cavort around… degenerate into mindlessness and drown themselves in saucepans" – Time Off

Co-created and performed by: Nerida Matthaei, Samantha Williams and Liesel Zink.
Lighting Design: Keith Clarke