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she is part angelic beauty, part monstrous seductress. She is hysterical, honest, old and nubile. We are partly experiential and partly realist. We are angel-monsters.

angel-monster is a new contemporary dance installation in development, unpacking what it is to be female. An all female cast of collaborators, led by Nerida Matthaei, invite you to enter a discussion. Do you see her lillies and lotuses... or is she the dragon?

angel-monster is an honest, grotesque and nurturing representation of current issues surrounding what it is to be female, contributing to current discourse surrounding contemporary choreographic practice and cultural expressions of protest. angel-monster is the culmination of a doctoral research project developed across three stages with outcomes between 2013 to date. The overall project has sought to recontextualise and re-route the choreographic self through practice-led experimentation developing newfound principles of practice utilised in the creation of new work. angel-monster was shown in Nov 2016 and performed in Canberra as part of the BOLD Festival in early 2017. The work is set to be presented in the 2018 Supercell Dance Festival program. Details to be announced soon.


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The Paratrooper Project

The Paratrooper Project premiered in Brisbane at The Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts in June 2015

The residue of what has passed remains on our skin, deep in our pores, etching its way into the core of our being…

The Paratrooper Project thrusts our historical conflicts into the firing line alongside current political regimes to examine who we are and what we will become.

Originally inspired by mementos left by WWII Paratrooper Richard Matthaei, Nerida's grandfather, Phluxus2 has created an entangled world where stories of wars, historical imaginings and harsh realities become knotted, interwoven and laid bare. They examine military, political and personal histories and their impact on our everyday. They interrogate how these histories have imprinted our present and explore the stains they will leave on our tomorrow..

The Paratrooper Project is a unique experience, told through dance theatre installation. The audience is invite into an immersive space that falls and shifts as the artists manipulate the fabric of time.

Enter the trenches of our past and present conflicts. Survey our heritage. Contest our imagined memories. Explore how the past has divided our present generations. Question what this might mean for our future.

… will this residue harden into a layer protecting us against a battle yet to come, or will it peel and crumble to dust, allowing us to step forward into a better tomorrow?


"Phluxus2 Dance Collective feeds on a primal fear of the future by creating a cyberpunk world of ecological decay. 4 OUT OF 5 STARS"

- Zenobia Frost, The Guardian

In a post-apocalyptic future, the world is unregonisable. Strung up and gutted; a rotting carcass of the paradise once known. The warning signs were all there, but we chose to ignore them. We turned the volume up to mute the cries. We turned a blind eye. Now it’s eternal darkness, where mistakes and memories linger.

Enter the world of de-generator. Part installation, part dance. You share this world with our storytellers, who find themselves alone, destitute and desperate to find meaning in their own post-apocalyptic nightmares. Hunting through their personal histories and stories, they battle to find solace in a world stripped of everything they had once appreciated, loved and desired.

De-generator asks audiences to activate their fear - of the future, the unknown, the end - and consider their accountability to the disintegration.

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Past Projects








… a dance incubator

17 artists, 5 choreographers, 4 new works and 1 showing

In its third year THE indepenDANCE PROJECT team were thrilled to welcome a collection of inspired artists in creating new work, new partnerships and new dance discourse.

For nineteen days, commencing 29th November to 17th December 2016, we partnered with Raw Dance Company to deliver another year of choreographic play.


Choreographer/Creators - Denise Comba, Courtney Scheu, Scott Sneddon Michael Smith and Olympia Kotopoulos

Dancers and understudies - Anja Ali-Haapala, Isabella Hood, Essie Horn, Raimis Kazlauskus, Amber Nofal, Ellie Matzer, Nadia Milford, Abbey Moore, Laura McNally, Keia Mcgrady, Felix Jangles Palmerson, Hugo Russell, Lauren Sherlock, Joe Simington and Leane Ungerer

Coordinating Team - Nerida Matthaei (Artistic Director/Mentor) and Liesel Zink (Mentor)


… a creative development opportunity

27 Artists, 4 Weeks, 4 New Works, 1 Showing

For our second annual indepenDANCE project we utilised our new space at RAW dance company to work with a new group of 27 independent dancers, choreographers and performers as they incubated new ideas.

indepenDANCE offered choreographers, dancers and other creatives access to space, equipment and technical labour to create, play, share and collaborate on a new work in a four-week creative development intensive, culminating in an open studio showing of their discoveries. We have drawn together a unique and fresh bunch of artistic rebels to create, choreograph, collaborate, challenge and dive head first outside of the square of dance as we have come to know it.


Choreographers - Jenni Large and Jack Ziesing, Charles Ball, Tegan Ollett, and Makeshift's Caitlin Comerford and Gabriel Comerford

Dancers and understudies - Enrui Foo, Ellen Elizabeth Bailey, Ellie Matzer, Grady Mitchell, Cody Lavery, Asher Bowen-Saunders, Felix Jangles Palmerson, Samuel Marcon, Lauren Graham, Keia Mcgrady, Courtney Scheu, Essie Horn, Grace Nichols, Laura Wood, Leane Ungerer, Danial Ireland, Amelia Stokes and Amber Nofal

Coordinating Team - Nerida Matthaei (Artistic Director/Mentor), Liesel Zink (Mentor) and Gareth Belling (Mentor)


… a creative development opportunity

18 Artists, 5 Weeks, 4 New Works, 1 Showing

As proud members of Queensland’s independent dance sector, Phluxus2 Dance Collective know it is vital for artists to collaborate and play. For five weeks in 2014 we have partnered with the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts to deliver the inaugural indepenDANCE PROJECT.

indepenDANCE is offering four collectives of choreographers, dancers and other creative’s access to space, equipment and technical labour to create, play, share and collaborate on a new work in a four-week creative development intensive, culminating in an open studio showing of their discoveries. We have drawn together a unique and fresh bunch of artistic rebels to create, choreograph, collaborate, challenge and dive head first outside of the square of dance as we have come to know it.


Choreographers - Andrew Searle, Amelia Stokes, Courtney Scheu and The Bruges Collective

Dancers - Andrienne O’Leary, Raw (Hsin-Ju Chiu), Asher Bowen-Saunders, Charles Ball, Belinda Raisin, Jill Wang, Lisa Barry, En Rui Foo and Rob Flerh

Coordinating Team - Nerida Matthaei (Artistic Director/Mentor), Liesel Zink (Mentor) and Gareth Belling (Mentor)

Phluxus2 Dance Collective in partnership with the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts proudly present THE indepenDANCE PROJECT, an exciting new platform for Brisbane dance artists to engage in new ideas, conversation and conversations, to push their practice forward and to strengthen the independent dance community.





Boiling Point

"Boiling Point develops a unique energy entirely its own – poised between twisted humour, desperate pathos and near-paralysing dread as the work’s three performers cavort around to Mr Bungle, degenerate into mindlessness and drown themselves in saucepans."
– Time Off

Enter the space. Dark and dingy. Who is the viewer and are you being viewed? You’re given a small hint of security and it’s up to you to find your way out... Boiling Point presents a taste of exciting dance styles and pushes both dancers and audience to 100 degrees.

The Opposite of Prompt

"The Opposite of Prompt was a participatory sport... It seduced the audience without resiling from the questions it blithely threw up in the air. Largely this was attributable to the quality of inclusiveness Phluxus extended, translating into a uniquely grounded collective style..."
– RealTime

Enter a parallel world where the inescapable solid reality of performance versus the wildly imaginative and unpredictable thing that is reality. The audience becomes a character as reality grabs the spotlight and the lines between on and off stage are blurred. When all of the best intentions of creating a profound work of art go out the window and when four performers throw away any sense of theatre etiquette that has even been drummed into them.

Chinese Whispers/ Broken Telephone

"Apart from sheer enjoyment, I liked the non‐hierachical nature of the performance, a refreshing ingredient in itself.”"
– RealTime

Gossip, culmulative error, misunderstandings and their repercussions: Chinese Whispers/broken telephone is a series of snapshots exploring different angles of this familiar party game. Two dancers and one musician explore the boundaries of live music and dance performance in a 55 minute show that examines themes of communication breakdown, duplication and control including the notion of the viewer and the viewed ‐ Chinese Whispers invites interaction from the audience from the moment they walk into the theatre.

the machine that carries the soul

“The machine that carries the soul certainly deserves the reputation it garnered at The Age Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2006. It leads the audience through different emotional phases. Rather than being self-indulgent, it is mesmerising in its examination of human interaction and feelings. As choreographers and performers, Phluxus Dance Collective unleash a gust of originality into Australian dance.”
– P. Escalon, JJJ The Program

the machine that carries the soul delves into the world of the subconscious. Three young women encounter the body's physical manifestations of emotional experience through a unique set made only of thousands of eggshells.. As they move through a landscape rich in textures and sounds, the differing perspectives of their journey reveals three distinct and unique movement vocabularies.

the machine that carries the soul was awarded ‘Critics Choice for Best Choreography’ and the 2007 Short Sweet and Dance Festival in Sydney and "Highly Commended" (runner up, Best Dance/Movement Performance) at The Age Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2006.